William Hill Betting Tips – Oct 2021

Here is our small guide with some general suggestions and tips coming from the experienced crew with almost a decade of placing bets on the internet. There is no straight formula towards success. There are numerous strategies and popular articles online, including some complex techniques. Beating the bookies and mastering general tips for betting is not going to be achieved overnight. Hopefully, this article is going to assist you in improving the win rate in the long run. 

William Hill Betting Tips

Betting Tip #1: Starting With Lower Stakes

This is the first thing we always recommend to everyone new to the world of sports betting. Everyone needs some sort of experience before actually becoming good with brand new activity. We always advise our readers to bet only the money you can afford to lose, as there are no guarantees of landing any bet. Betting high stakes while learning the basic stuff is a rookie mistake number one. Always be aware of your betting bankroll and manage it properly. Placing anything above 10% on one single game or line is a big mistake. Start small, follow your results, see which markets net you the most profit and stick to that path. If your average odds are 2.01 or slightly higher, it only takes 51% win rate to be profitable.

Doubling the stakes is a decent way to journey into the world of sports betting. Simply find two banker bets on a daily basis and try to double the stake. Checking tipster forums or betting predictions websites could be handy, but do not opt for any paid service. A big majority of these are scams, promising huge returns, fixed matches, and sure odds. There is no doubt there are some matches across the globe that are fixed, but the chance of a person selling the information to you knowing it is zero.

Betting Tip #2: Focusing On One Sport Or League In The Beginning

Pick a sport you enjoy watching the most. The chance of punter making betting mistakes when watching a tennis match, while not loving the sport at all is much higher than in other situations. If you are a big fan of football, focus on most attractive leagues in Europe let’s say. Betting should also be fun, and you will surely get that unique experience (mostly from in-play betting) if you are watching something you really like. Following team updates, injury reports, form, head to head stats, recent results and other relevant info can be exhausting if you want to closely monitor more than four or five leagues. Focusing on one, in the beginning, is probably the best idea.

There are numerous sources of useful sports news for the English Premier League for example, so getting notes and stats should not be an issue. Also, this is one of the most broadcasted football divisions across the world, so the chance of watching the games on your cable provider is actually pretty high. Avoid betting on your favorite teams though. Emotions are something you should completely try to exclude when making wagering choices. Do not hesitate to recognize the bad shape of your squad and capitalize on it by backing the opposition. In some way, it could be a small win/win scenario – if your team loses, you will win the bet. If your squad wins, you will at least get to celebrate the victory. Focusing on a couple of leagues will make it easier to build knowledge and actually know all players on the pitch. Picking bets with that info is going to get much easier and profitable as you get more experienced.

The same goes for recognizing value bets. A big number of online bookies are using mathematical algorithms to set the odds, which leaves a lot of room for you to take advantage of it. Machines don’t know if the team’s main star gets injured one day before the big match. This especially goes for less known teams and leagues.

Betting Tip #3: Get The Best Odds on The Market

This one is very important if you plan to place bets for the next couple of years. There are literally thousands of legit bookmakers available online nowadays, and of course, some of them have much better odds than others. There is no reason to stick to only one betting powerhouse – search for other options as well, compare the odds, grab welcome packages and good value deals if possible and spread your betting.

The difference between getting 2.10 odds for Manchester United to beat Brighton on the road and 2.00 rate for the same bet with other bet is massive. If you bet for years, these small differences add up and eventually players end with much less profit.

Betting Tip#4 Accumulators Are Fun, But Rarely Profitable

Accumulator bets have high potential returns and they are usually much more fun to follow than single bets, but the truth is, they rarely put players in the driver’s seat in the long run. To put it simply, chances of landing 8-fold accumulator, even if you bet on big favorites is not that great. Picking single or double bets at the start of your betting career is a much better option in our opinion. We all surely tried to land accumulator with life-changing returns, but the number of people cashing out those is insanely low. 

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