Deal or No Deal Slots Review: Heart Bingo

Deal or No Deal has been a hugely successful online game. At Heart Bingo, it is one of the featured slots. In this Deal or No Deal review, we walk you through everything you need to know about the game. If you are planning to play it for the first time, we bet knowing the pros and cons of accepting or declining a Deal will help you enjoy playing after you sign up and opt-in.

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Deal or No Deal Review

The moment a player lands on, there is a general feeling that playing bingo games on this platform will be a richly rewarding experience due to the quality of the platform. There are two variants of Deal or No Deal on Heart Bingo. The bonuses and offers for this game are conspicuously displayed. Players can decide whether they want to proceed with a deal or not.


Special features

While Deal or No Deal is a very popular game, each bingo website has its own gaming rules. You should, however, note that the supplier of the game makes most of the rules. We noted that jackpot for this game, especially on Heart Bingo, keeps rising. It is now more than £200k. The live ticker on the website is a testament that players can opt-in to play Deal or No Deal for as long as the big prizes last.

Special features of this game include:

Offer from a banker

A banker’s phone call that stops Deal or No Deal reel from spinning is the epitome of the game. The catch is that the call only comes through when it is clear there is a win. The temptation of accepting a banker’s offer or the value on the reels is a real test on your chances of walking away with the big prize that could be in the chosen box. A player must choose between a banker’s cash offer (Deal) or decline it and go for your chances on the reels. The only tricky part with accepting or decline a deal in this game is that a player cannot tell how much money is in the box hence the temptation of accepting a deal. The banker will try hard to persuade you into accepting a deal so you must decide in the face of a big risk.

Three bonus symbols

Another special feature of Deal or No Deal slots is that a player can opt for a bonus confined within the symbols of 1, 3 and 5.  However, eligibility for the Deal or No Deal bonus is only realizable when you play all the 20 pay lines. You will be asked to pick a box, and in it could be anything ranging from a few coins to the jackpot itself.

After choosing a box out of the three, the banker comes calling again. It is another chance of choosing between what the banker is offering for your box and what is in the box. If you fall for the banker’s offer, the box goes. At this point, you cannot pick another box. Sticking to your box means you will win whatever is inside even. It could be nothing!

Bonus game featuring a mystery box

Heart Bingo deal or no deal

Another special feature of Deal or Deal slots game is the mystery box. It is another way of winning on the Heart Bingo platform when you opt in to play. A player triggers an offer after picking three boxes or more. Usually, heart bingo presents you with up to 15 boxes out of which, three contain nothing inside, eleven boxes contain money and there is one box with a winning multiplier.

It is the mystery box bonus game where real luck Deal or No Deal gets tested. After a player collects three or more boxes, the offer follows. You must click a box to reveal an offer. The risk here is that clicking the empty one automatically ends both your playtime and hopes of winning anything.

20 coins, 20 pay lines

Like a double bubble, Deal or No Deal slots game on Heart Bingo website has a pay line of 20. Coins range from 5p to 20p. From a review perspective, we think it presents a fair multiplier winning chance.

Deal or No Deal Jackpot

Jackpots have become commonplace in online casinos. At, playing Deal or No Deal gives players a chance of winning the lucky prize. We noted that when players reach the bonus rounds such as the mystery box, they get into jackpot draw. The selection of jackpot winners is randomized by software that generates numbers. If your number shows up, you are the lucky winner who walks away with the jackpot pool in Deal or No Deal.

We discovered that the more people play this game, the bigger the jackpot grows. For every £1 one wagers, part of it goes to the jackpot pool. From the live jackpot ticker, it is obvious that every second, a player tries their luck.

90.2% player returns

When it comes to choosing a bingo game on, returns player returns is a significant feature. The higher one’s chances of winning are, the bigger the risk. In the case of Deal or No Deal, we noted that Return to Player (RTP) stands at 90.2%. That’s a pretty fair chance of making it through to bonus stages or the jackpot draw. Staking £100, for example, means Heart Bingo will pay 90.20 of your total winnings. However, it is not the highest RTP on the platform.

Pros and Cons

The next question we asked when reviewing Deal or No Deal slots on Heart Bingo is what are the pros and cons of playing the game? Well, like every other slot on the platform, winning is often about chance. The following are pros and cons of playing Deal or No Deal on Hearts Bingo platform:


  • Many playing options means a player can win either way. Whether you choose to walk away with the banker’s offer or decline the deal, there is a real chance of winning something when you play Deal or No Deal.
  • With up to 20 pay lines and minimum coin value pegged at 5p, it means the game favours the player more than the banker.
  • Deal or No Deal is an exciting real money game where players have an equal chance of winning the jackpot pool. Whether you go for the money multiplier on the reel or accept an offer from a banker, reaching the bonus stages is easy. Most importantly, it puts a player closer to winning the big prize.


  • Coin range between 5 and 20 is not the best offer.
  • It is not easy to make a good decision in the face of a real risk of losing. The banker’s offer is very enticing, often swaying players into making regrettable decisions.

Final Verdict

Playing Deal or No Deal at Heart Bingo online is a real thrill. The fact that you can opt for a prize or the reels or go for a banker’s tempting offer means players get to spread their risks. However, you can never be sure of winning until the prize in the box is revealed. If you have never made decisions under very tough conditions, try Deal or No Deal slots to experience the adrenaline rush.